Wilmington Island Estate

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This home is truly a year-round Staycation. Situated on the picturesque Turners Creek in highly sought after Wilmington Island, it’s a majestic estate waiting for its next family to make it a home. 

Beyond the secured gate, guests are greeted with an extended driveway that leads to this palatial home. We particularly love all of the mature Live Oaks decorating the property. 

This home’s interior is spacious and open. It’s well appointed, but has a relaxed, livable atmosphere that makes it feel like a retreat from the rest of the world. 

Nearly every room in this home has its own incredible view. The back of the home is accented with plenty of windows to provide sweeping views of the creek wherever you may be. 

The kitchen is a dream for a culinary enthusiast. With plentiful countertop space and many cabinets, there’s plenty of room to create a splendid weeknight meal for your family, or a sizable holiday feast. 

Each of the home’s amenities is a pleasure but the real appeal is the way the grounds and the home evolve and become social spaces in which to live. The home’s flow allows for the interior and exterior spaces to merge, each room has a unique view of the water, and rooms are filled with windows inviting light in. The home and its surroundings allow you to drink in Southern hospitality and breath the salt water air. Stay for a life lived well.