Looking forward: Real Estate After COVID-19

COVID-19 has given us all pause to reconsider how we do many things including buying and selling real estate. So, what does our market look like moving forward?

There are countless articles supporting varying opinions regarding the repercussions of COVID-19. The truth is no one knows exactly how it will all play out, but we have current facts, emerging trends, and the unwavering American drive to succeed, to point us in the right direction. I have read many articles that forecast a positive trajectory for our housing market.  Articles saying ….

The pandemic has many Americans reconsidering where they want to live.

Real estate websites say visitors are spending more time looking at suburban and rural properties.

During the shutdown companies have had to rethink their work force and while employees work from home, many employers are considering this as a long term opportunity. This change could allow people to live anywhere and keep their current job.

Most economist and real estate experts expect the housing market to bounce back.

Increases in weekly mortgage applications suggest a recovery that is starting now.    

As stay in place orders are lifted and agents can show property in person market activity is increasing.

Savannah and the surrounding coastal areas are a natural choice for buyers looking for a change, offering an energetic lifestyle without the stress that can come from an overcrowded urban environment. The coastal empire provides opportunities for city lovers, beach lovers, boaters, golfers, and a year round climate for outdoor enthusiasts in addition to being only a quick flight to major metropolitan cities.

Not the virus, the shutdown or the economic impact have changed who we are or what we want. Homeownership, a place to gather friends and family, a sense of community, and pride of ownership remain intact and the American resolve is stronger than ever.

I say welcome home to all of us who have come to appreciate our community even more and to all the new people looking to discover why we love it here.  I see good things in our market moving forward.