Q&A with Savannah’s Tree Whisperer

One of Savannah’s greatest assets are our fabulous trees.  I asked my favorite tree whisperer, Shannon Baughman local manager for Bartlett Tree Experts, to share some tips. 

Q: What is one of the easiest thing’s homeowners can do to ensure the health of their trees?

A: Trees need to be inspected yearly by a Certified Arborist to inspect for health or structural Issues

Q: Do all trees need fertilization?  If so how often?

A: All Trees in our urban environment will be lacking some vital nutrients.  Soil Sampling is the best means to understand what nutrients are lacking.  Annual fertilization is a good idea.  If the tree is in poor shape, it may need two applications per year.

Q: How close should you plant a tree to your home?

A: A large shade tree should not be planted closer than 20 feet from the house if possible.  Smaller trees such as crape myrtles should be a minimum of 10 feet away.

Q: How far apart should you space trees to allow good growth and expansion?

A: Large shade trees should be no closer than 30 feet apart.  Ornamental trees can have a spacing of 15 feet apart.

Do you have additional questions for Shannon? You can reach him here: 

Shannon K. Baughman, Local Manager
Certified Arborist IL-0811
Certified Tree Care Safety Professional
Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

The F. A. Bartlett Tree Expert Company
2220 Gamble Rd, Suite A
Savannah GA 31405

(912) 351-0111