Downtown Savannah

World renowned for its beauty, Savannah’s downtown is endowed with southern hospitality, opulence, and well-preserved history. The historic district features stately southern homes that have been carefully and lovingly preserved to honor their rich history while also enjoying modern amenities.

Savannah was designed to be a walking city. Its grid of oak-lined streets punctuated with lush, green squares guides pedestrians through a verdant fantasy of charming details and over the top architecture.

Historic Savannah homes are often situated near stunning cathedrals, lush green spaces with centuries-old trees draped in Spanish moss, and landmark historic sites.

While Savannah loves its history, it embraces the modern era with gusto. The historic district is full of boutique shopping, featuring a mix of both well-loved global brands and locally owned and sourced options that are exclusive to Savannah’s unique economic ecosystem.

Savannahians love to eat and drink. From charming sidewalk cafes to hot spots run by James Beard Award-winning chefs, Savannah’s food and bar scene is as unique as the people who live there. While there are plenty of options for Savannah’s signature dish — shrimp and grits, the city fancies itself more of a foodie town with a distinguished pallet. In the historic district, South African-inspired cuisine can be found at Zunzi’s, a takeout cafe with a walk-up model. While they don’t offer much in the way of seating, the surrounding squares invite diners to stop and enjoy their meal on a quiet bench.

Broughton’s Coffee Fox features locally sourced PERC coffee and a bold menu. Their sister location, Foxy Loxy, is located on the south end of downtown in the contemporary and hip Starland District. Heavily influenced by the Savannah College of Art and Design, the Starland District features great food, eclectic shopping, and a bohemian vibe that’s unique to the area.

Back toward the river, diners seeking upscale options enjoy any one of Savannah’s spectacular restaurants. Husk, located on Oglethorpe, boasts a unique and artistic take on traditional southern fare. Situated in the historic Desoto hotel1540 Room gives diners a unpretentious taste of truly gourmet meals. The Collin’s Quarter and The Fitzroy, both owned by the same spunky Australian restauranteur, offer guests food that’s artfully inspired by his own south Pacific roots, while catering to Savannah’s sensibilities. Finally, an old Greyhound bus station found new life in the form of The Grey, a restaurant under the leadership of James Beard Award-winning chef, Mashama Bailey.

Home of the notorious to go cups, Savannah will rarely turn down a cocktail. Visually stunning Artillery gives revelers an Instagram-worthy destination to experience their menu of handcrafted artisan cocktails. With its stunning skyline, rooftop bars are a local favorite. Perched atop the opulent Perry Lane Hotel is the Peregrine bar. Immediately upon opening, this hotel bar established itself as a local hot spot for mingling, relaxing, and making new friends while taking in sweeping views of the entire historic district.

Savannah’s downtown regularly treats residents and guests to festivals, celebrations, and events. In one of the south’s oldest cities, there’s always something going on.